The Great Coffee Connection: The Lovers, The Dreamers (And Maybe Tea)

Starbucks has done it again. The great coffee connection, (aka café where you usually meet up for a good chat), has created new spots capturing everyday intimate moments.

And it’s beautiful. The infamous coffee company puts conversations against text, eloquently showing how meeting in person makes a difference: “Sometimes the best way to connect is to get together.”

Cheers, Starbucks. Enjoy at least a round of broccoli sandwiches for such a simple idea. You and BBDO New York know how to tug on our heartstrings. Want to grab some coffee and chat?

Assassin’s Creed Unity Trailer Gets Real with Parkour

If you’re not into Assassin’s Creed Unity, this trailer may change your mind.

The video game has been brought to real-life. Jumping, climbing and roaming the streets of France, four Parkour actors show how the characters in the new game interact. They bring to life one of the most exciting new features—being able to play in 4-person co-op missions with your friends.

And the film is impressive. The YouTube filmmaker, Devin Supertramp, stayed true to the game as possible—the costumes, the style of the characters, even filming in the crowded streets of Paris where the game is supposed to take place. How can a gamer not love that?

Give Ubisoft and Devin five broccoli sandwiches. The trailer really gets you psyched for October 28.

Cell Phone Company Has Your Back—in a “Non-Creepy Way”

Koodo Mobile wanted to remind customers that they always have your back. So they sent a guy named “Greg” to follow people around— in a “totally non-creepy way.”

And the Canadian phone company was onto something. Their Mobile Mobile Charging Station will charge your phone, wherever and whenever you need it; Koodo literally has your back.

See for yourself. The Mobile Mobile Charging Station is visiting different places in Canada, putting #KoodoHasMyBack truly to the test.

Give Koodo’s ad agency four broccoli sandwiches. Taxi had a simple, fun idea. Their fifth broccoli sandwich will be reserved to see if they can push the Mobile Mobile Charging Station further. He has legs, after all.

Exclusive Jeans Literally Carry Stories with You

Pants. That’s what L&PM used to demonstrate the convenience of a pocket book.


The largest Brazilian publisher partnered with Brazilian fashion label FreeSurf to create an exclusive collection of jeans. Printing stories, poems and tales on the inside of pants’ pockets, FreeSurf jeans literally encouraged shoppers to “Carry your stories with you.”

And it was a success. L&PM not only showed that a story could fit in your pocket, but was also able to increase site visits by 24% and sales by 13%.

What a way to stand out in the age of e-readers. Give the agency behind this five broccoli sandwiches for their clever and simple idea. DM9Rio nailed it.

BBQ Brand Gets Saucy and Barters with Meat

Forget “Where’s the beef?” Montana’s Cookhouse has it ready and waiting.


The Canadian restaurant went out on the town in Toronto, bartering for goods and services with meat. Delicious, hot, BBQ’d meat. And not only that, to prove their BBQ was irresistible, they paid for their entire spot—except for the actor— in meat as well.

What a triple whammy— the ad talks about Montana’s Cookhouse in a fun, savory way, gets locals to actively try their brand, and proves their tagline, “It’s hard to resist the best of BBQ sampler.”

Give the restaurant and their ad agency five broccoli sandwiches. Then slather them in BBQ. The campaign just rolled out and One Twenty Three West’s ideas are already sizzling.

The French, a Flamingo and a Liqueur: An Ad “Because No Reason”

The French liqueur may be on to something.


Combining a flamingo and a question, Chambord’s ads entice you to see what’s next. The liqueur spot reels you in, then responds with it’s own laissez-faire tagline, “Because No Reason.”

And that’s the point. The drink is for any occasion—you need not a reason to enjoy life and do what you want.

Bravo to Wieden + Kennedy London. The agency recently won the global account, and it seems this spot for Chambord is just the beginning. W+K deserve four broccoli sandwiches because they’ve whet the appetite—let’s see where they take this.

Race the Tour de France with Your Thumbs

Get your hands— or thumbs— in on the Tour de France action.


Starting today, your thumbs can race the same 3,664 km course as real-life cyclists. “Your thumbs are your thighs” in the interactive app Thumbs of Glory. Players compete the real-life course during the same 21-day period to win a Specialized S-Works Tarmac, (a bike), or to win individual stages for other, smaller prizes.

It’s a fun way to get people excited, and inspired about the actual race. Though the app inventors aren’t sure anyone will actually finish the race, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners San Francisco have a cute idea to get people talking.

Give the agency of record four broccoli sandwiches. It’s a big idea and may get Specialized the spotlight it needs.