Cereal Ads Encourage Kids to Play with Their Food

Weetabix is asking kids to play with their food. And the task is both delicious and downright clever.


The UK cereal brand is showing kids how they can whip up a better breakfast through wholesome “Weetabuddy” characters. Each TV spot introduces different Weetabuddies, then challenges kids to make their own.

The cereal brand then tops off each ad with the Weetabuddy Contest. Kids can upload and enter their Weetabuddy to win their very own Weetabuddy Creator Kit, (which is probably more cereal)!

Well done, BBH London. The agency behind this witty campaign deserves a full five broccoli sandwiches. If only cereal tasted well with broccoli.

When the Year in Review Is Hazy, Share and Donate

What if you couldn’t recall the last year—and Google’s and Yahoo’s accounts don’t help?

That’s what it’s like to have Alzheimer’s. Spoofing the 2014’s year in review videos, the spot for Alzheimer Nederland hits home. How could you remember the last year if you struggle with recalling the last 10 or 15?


Bravo, N=5 Amsterdam. The ad agency deserves a full round of broccoli sandwiches for their simple idea helping a good cause.

JetBlue Flies It Forward to Infinity and Beyond

Please, please, PLEASE give JetBlue and their ad agency five out of five broccoli sandwiches.

The airline has decided to give people the chance to take one flight, anywhere they want, to help make people’s lives better in another city. Want to inspire people with art? JetBlue can help you with that. Want to donate books to your hometown? Just “Fly It Forward.”

What’s the catch? You pick the next person deserving to fly from wherever you land. So if you’re in NYC, you better consider submitting your story now. Someone may choose you and your humanitarian efforts to catch the next flight.

Mullen and JetBlue owned this idea–and their campaign just launched.


Music Hits the Spot, the Floor and the Wall with Sonos

Sound literally meets art. That’s how Sonos’ ads portray pitch-perfect, HiFi surround sound in your home.

The music hits the walls, the floor, the furniture– every aspect is transformed by music in the ads. “Sonos your home” the ads declare.

Give 72andSunny and 1stAveMachine five broccoli sandwiches a piece. Sonos’ agency and production company quite literally rocked these ads, (see Forest, Gold, Claymation, Explosions and Melt). Who doesn’t want to Sonos their home after these?

Siri, Meet Dom: Your Pizza-Ordering Brother

Siri, your motherboard has something to tell you. You just gained a pizza-ordering little brother—“Dom.”


Domino’s Pizza just unveiled the new “voice-assisted ordering specialist” on its mobile app. Dom can take your order, find your favorites, and has a collection of quirky responses to your requests.

And the TV spot cleverly introduces this feature. Can Dom cancel your morning meeting? Nope, but he can suggest a meeting with pizza. Can Dom search for miscellaneous answers online? Nope, but he can bring the conversation back around to pizza.

Bravo, CP+B. The agency behind the reveal portrayed the app in a simple, fun way. Give them four broccoli sandwiches for their idea. The fifth is to see how else they might make a splash.

The Great Coffee Connection: The Lovers, The Dreamers (And Maybe Tea)

Starbucks has done it again. The great coffee connection, (aka café where you usually meet up for a good chat), has created new spots capturing everyday intimate moments.

And it’s beautiful. The infamous coffee company puts conversations against text, eloquently showing how meeting in person makes a difference: “Sometimes the best way to connect is to get together.”

Cheers, Starbucks. Enjoy at least a round of broccoli sandwiches for such a simple idea. You and BBDO New York know how to tug on our heartstrings. Want to grab some coffee and chat?

Assassin’s Creed Unity Trailer Gets Real with Parkour

If you’re not into Assassin’s Creed Unity, this trailer may change your mind.

The video game has been brought to real-life. Jumping, climbing and roaming the streets of France, four Parkour actors show how the characters in the new game interact. They bring to life one of the most exciting new features—being able to play in 4-person co-op missions with your friends.

And the film is impressive. The YouTube filmmaker, Devin Supertramp, stayed true to the game as possible—the costumes, the style of the characters, even filming in the crowded streets of Paris where the game is supposed to take place. How can a gamer not love that?

Give Ubisoft and Devin five broccoli sandwiches. The trailer really gets you psyched for October 28.