BBQ Brand Gets Saucy and Barters with Meat

Forget “Where’s the beef?” Montana’s Cookhouse has it ready and waiting.


The Canadian restaurant went out on the town in Toronto, bartering for goods and services with meat. Delicious, hot, BBQ’d meat. And not only that, to prove their BBQ was irresistible, they paid for their entire spot—except for the actor— in meat as well.

What a triple whammy— the ad talks about Montana’s Cookhouse in a fun, savory way, gets locals to actively try their brand, and proves their tagline, “It’s hard to resist the best of BBQ sampler.”

Give the restaurant and their ad agency five broccoli sandwiches. Then slather them in BBQ. The campaign just rolled out and One Twenty Three West’s ideas are already sizzling.

The French, a Flamingo and a Liqueur: An Ad “Because No Reason”

The French liqueur may be on to something.


Combining a flamingo and a question, Chambord’s ads entice you to see what’s next. The liqueur spot reels you in, then responds with it’s own laissez-faire tagline, “Because No Reason.”

And that’s the point. The drink is for any occasion—you need not a reason to enjoy life and do what you want.

Bravo to Wieden + Kennedy London. The agency recently won the global account, and it seems this spot for Chambord is just the beginning. W+K deserve four broccoli sandwiches because they’ve whet the appetite—let’s see where they take this.

Race the Tour de France with Your Thumbs

Get your hands— or thumbs— in on the Tour de France action.


Starting today, your thumbs can race the same 3,664 km course as real-life cyclists. “Your thumbs are your thighs” in the interactive app Thumbs of Glory. Players compete the real-life course during the same 21-day period to win a Specialized S-Works Tarmac, (a bike), or to win individual stages for other, smaller prizes.

It’s a fun way to get people excited, and inspired about the actual race. Though the app inventors aren’t sure anyone will actually finish the race, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners San Francisco have a cute idea to get people talking.

Give the agency of record four broccoli sandwiches. It’s a big idea and may get Specialized the spotlight it needs.


Beats Electronics Drops into the World Cup Media Jungle

Beats Electronics literally and figuratively drops into “the heart of the jungle.”


The audio device company dropped a viral video the week before the 2014 World Cup began. Though not an actual sponsor, Beats descended into the media frenzy, feeding the excitement without actually mentioning the event.

And “The Game Before the Game” is beautiful. Beats painted a true 2014 World Cup image. There’s a a sincere pep talk from Neymar Jr‘s father,  a star-studded cast of footballers, fans in all their glory and music to get you psyched.

But the best part of the ad? “Each pregame ritual captured in the ad is authentic… [Omar Johnson, Beats chief marketing officer] noted. ‘It’s all real. Nothing is make-believe.’

Give Beats’ agency of record five broccoli sandwiches. R/GA owned the World Cup buzz with a well-timed, well done video. And the cherry on top? The agency is rolling out remixed spot with a rap from Jay Z’s for the NBA finals.

Eye-Opening Idea: Mattress Radio Spot Keeps Drivers Awake

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Like the snooze button on your alarm, one mattress company intends to keep drivers awake.


The Argentinian brand Piero reached out to bus, truck and taxi drivers during their most vulnerable hours of work. The mattress brand created Snooze Radio, an in-car alarm system that goes off every 9 minutes between 4 and 5 AM. A Piero commercial then reminds listeners of the dangers of driving drowsy. “Sleep safely. Sleep at home,” the spots direct.

Then, Piero took the Snooze Radio a step further. Partnering with the country’s most popular radio stations, the spots also reached over 480,000 drivers per night. Talk about an eye-opening idea.

Give five broccoli sandwiches for the agency of record behind this thinking. FCB Buenos Aires solved a real problem while integrating their client’s brand. Well done.

Ideas That Matter: 4 Brands Join Together for Autism Awareness

Four commercials. Three brands. One big idea.


In support of Autism Awareness Month, AT&T, Campbell’s Soup and Band-Aid joined together to make an impact. Airing their :15 commercials in a :60 block, their spots weaved together one family’s story.  You’re able to watch a family evolve from an early diagnosis of Autism all the way to high school graduation.

“You just saw how early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference,” the spot reaffirms.

Brilliant, BBDO New York. The agency supported a good cause and made their clients’ look good. Give them a full round of broccoli sandwiches for literally looking at the bigger picture.


A Campaign of “Firsts”: Vodafone Empowers People

“Power to you.”

For Vodafone, that’s much more than a tagline. It’s a promise.


And the international telecommunications company has been keeping their promise. Through a campaign of “firsts,” Vodafone has been giving people the chance to do something for the first time in their life; take their first ride on a plane, start their first female fight club, make their first surf over Todos Santos. #Firsts shows how technology can truly enrich peoples lives– giving “power to you.”



Pass a whole round of broccoli sandwiches to which ever ad agency was behind this. (Was that you, Wasserman Experience?) Vodafone’s 2014 global campaign is already inspiring and human. And it’s only April.