Embarassing Advertising: Does Superficial Thinking Work?

Dear Nair,

You may not like broccoli sandwiches, (unless it had some hairless benefits), but you only deserve one anyway. As a consumer in the demographic you are targeting, I’m embarrassed by your advertising campaigns. Talk about superficial thinking.

Fire your agency. There needs to be something more than hyper-sexualizing women. Sure, sex sells, but no one needs to use creative thought to come up with that idea. What if you focused on the time aspect that it saves women who shave? Or how waxing is easier to do and less expensive in the long run? Maybe, talk about how women can go on vacation and not have to worry about shaving in a gross, cheap, hotel shower?

You can do better. Munch on your single sandwich while you mull this over. Think a little harder, and your advertising will be worthy many broccoli sandwiches.


Amanda Erinc,


One comment

  1. Beth Berens

    Yesss, I agree. There are so many other angles an ad can take, than sex. Ban, the deodorant, did it. I really liked the Ban ads, “Ban [insert your insecurity here]” because it successfully spoke to everyone, and everyone’s insecurities. Smelling good doesn’t have to turn you into a sex god, but I will admit, Old Spice and Axe are pretty successful campaigns… Then again – they’re selling to men… 😉

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