Universal Concepts: Venus Crossing the Sun Draws Big Crowd

There. That tiny black dot- that’s Venus. For the last time in 115 years, we will see the planet Venus cross the sun. How cool is that?

The white circle is the sun, and the small black dot on it is Venus.

For a small image, it has big potential. Special glasses were sold. People gathered from all demographics. Zillions of pictures were taken. Think of what could have happened if one marketer had their eyes peeled for this kind of thing. The results could have been astronomically awesome.

If planets ate broccoli sandwiches, I’d give Venus four. It had the sense of urgency, the big appeal, was aesthetically pleasing, universally appreciated, it just missed that minor detail: making money. Maybe next time in 2117, Venus will catch on and get some cash for it’s spectacular show.

Large crowd draws on MSU parking ramp to get a view of Venus.

A Close-up of Venus’s reflection; sunspots are even visible upon the sun

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