Poor Advertising: Trix Swirls Commercial Alludes to Drugs

Trix Swirl CerealMaybe the FCC has pulled the Trix Swirl’s poor advertising today. Maybe the commercial has yet to be put online. Either way, General Mills gets only two broccoli sandwiches for this drug allusion.

In the :30 TV spot, (currently airing between SpongeBob episodes), three children impersonate a police officer, police chief, and the third dresses in mock “gangster” attire. The police ask the “gangster” why Trix Swirls; what’s so great about them? The kid makes comments alluding to the cereal getting him high. The boy then rips his clothes off revealing the Trix rabbit.

Sound like a cereal you want to give to your kids?

Honestly. The advertising overall for Trix has been consistently good; sugary cereal that a rabbit covets and kids’ love. So I think you went a little too far, General Mills.

Chew on some broccoli for a while. You may want to rethink that advertising idea.

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