What a Viral Idea: Online Favorites Used in Vitamin Water Advertising

Online favorites like LOL Cats, the Sexy Sax Man, and even the triumphant baby make appearances in this Vitamin Water advertising. Hilarious, right?


And brilliant, too. Give these guys five broccoli sandwiches for bringing back some of the favorites.

Wait. Five sandwiches for just one spot?

No, for CP+B’s ingenuity. No two spots are alike, but all are amusing. This ad agency’s campaign hits the 18 – 29 demographic right on the head. “You’re Up,” shows that Vitamin Water will keep you energized, glowing, and prepared for whatever.

Gotta love advertising like that. Nicely done, CP+B. Nicely done.

One comment

  1. Beth Berens

    Yes, that’s brilliant! There’s no ‘right’ way to advertise, as long as you hit your target market! And though I’m dead-center in their target age group, I actually only recognized one of the internet references! That rainbow cat.. thing… *is ashamed*

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