Reynolds Wrap Advertising Cooks Up a Big Idea

Reynolds Wrap’s advertising takes “Meal Magic” to the next level. Their lively foil commercial, animated by Laika, shows how dinner should be done.



Oh the possibilities! Reynolds Wrap’s brilliant agency, Euro RSCG, has such a big idea they could take it about anywhere. Imagine what they could cook up:


1. What other times would the animated foil characters come out to play? Would they leave masterpieces behind every time?

2.What about having a contest to create your own foil character chef? Or a cooking contest that also had to incorporate a foil design?

3. What if the characters had names and tweeted about their latest cooking mischief/favorite recipe? Or their own Facebook pages?

4. What if they made Reynolds Wrap foil dolls to give to kids? One in each package; foil for the parent, toy for the kids?


This is only the beginning. Euro RSCG could really serve up something special.

Five broccoli sandwiches for Reynolds Wrap’s ingenious advertising, thus far. Let’s see what they do next.

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