Bemusing Advertising: SK Energy Shots’ Odd Commercials

SK Energy Shots’ advertising is bemusing to say the least. An energy drink that attempts to use humor, celebrities, demonstrate its abilities, and change the world gets a little lost in its own commercial efforts.



Pure Growth Partners, SK Energy Shots’ agency, had a good idea: rebrand 50 Cent’s energy drink. And 50 Cent’s intentions were wonderful as well: use his fame to make a positive change and provide a meal to a hungry child with every SK Energy Shot sold. So what went wrong here?

Lots of energy and little focus. SK Energy Shot’s advertising seems to get lost in the numerous ideas they try to portray. It’s too bad really, because there’s a lot of potential in a brand like this.

Hopefully, they can munch on their three broccoli sandwiches and refocus their efforts.

One comment

  1. Beth Berens

    They’re very clearly filming inside a Planet Fitness! I wonder if it’s a partnership or something.That is a really odd commercial… They need to write their purpose before they write their commercial!

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