The Way a Commercial Should Be: Political Animals Savvy Promotions

Whether or not you enjoy the show, there’s something wonderful about the Political Animals’ commercials: movie trailers, take note.


The USA limited series event’s advertising draws your attention in without giving the whole story away. Promoted in a similar fashion to an actual movie, the six-episode spots are produced with quick cuts, blue and red color effects to heighten the drama, and a great score to move the spots along. Beautiful.

And yet, feeble.

The premiere launched with soft ratings, only 2.62 million viewers. Though a small turnout for a big drama, the schedule across the board was stacked high with AMC’s Breaking Bad, A&E’s Longmire and HBO’s The Newsroom.

Better luck next time.

Four broccoli sandwiches for USA’s attempt to change things up. Maybe a fifth if Political Animals does what the History channel did with the miniseries, Hatfields & McCoys. And wins an Emmy.

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