Mind-blowing Advertising? More Like Mouth-Watering Gimmicks

Baskin Robbins’ advertising makes you hungry, but what’s the big idea? Their comical gimmicks are enough to make me want ice cream, but I’m not sure I’ll remember their brand.



The copy, by 22nd Squared, is comical and cute; “That was your mind being blown.” Yet, when you look at the spots from the same campaign, what’s the idea behind them, beyond Christina Hendricks voice and a few small jokes?

These could be better.

This is the case of “Good is the enemy of great,” as Jim Collins once said. Chew on your three broccoli sandwiches, Baskin Robbins; you’re advertising is halfway there.


  1. Beth Berens

    I thought it did an OKAY job branding, though they could have done more. It looks like they’re trying to reach an older crowd in this ad, because it’s a ‘darker’ commercial than they normally do, which might make some of the audience forget this product is B&R an hour after the commercial. They do some branding, using the signature pink in the beginning, which is good. I agree with your rating!

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