The Policy Speaks: Progressive’s New Character is Comically Distracting

Sorry Progressive, but the Policy has nothing on Flo.


Though Progressive insurance speaks for itself, the new character has too much going on in one spot. The Policy delivers 9 messages between the comedies of a personal tailor to a personal masseuse. Amusing as it is, all you can remember after the spot was a talking, pampered box that seems to be taking Flo’s place.

Jeff Charney, the Progressive Chief Marketing Officer, swears that Flo is not getting a demotion. “She just wasn’t suited for this job, which is to make a hard sell in a direct-response ad” as AdAge reports. True as this maybe, Progressive’s agency-of-record, Arnold Worldwide, has some work to do.

What exactly is the insurance saying? Which message should we be hearing? The insurance actually speaks for itself, which is a nifty feat, but what about the insurance is being sold?

Keep working, Arnold Worldwide. Get rid of a few distractions and you’ve got a big idea waiting to bloom.

(Four broccoli sandwiches are yours while you think this through.)

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