Best 2013 Super Bowl Ad: Budweiser’s Clydesdale in “Brotherhood”

Budweiser sure knows how to leave an impression.


With a simple story, the right song, and perfect symbolism, this Super Bowl spot hits the mark. You know the ad is for Budweiser, for beer, and yet, people of all ages can understand the relationship between a foal and its breeder.


This Clydesdale spot stands above the rest. Not only does it tug your heartstrings, but you also remember the spot and the brand later. Budweiser then tops it off with user engagement.

Want to name the adorable foal? Tweet @Budweiser with your #Clydesdales’ idea. Budweiser will officially name it this week.

Well done, Anomaly, New York. You took the cake, as well as five broccoli sandwiches, for your big, simple idea. Bravo.

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