Need for Tweed: A Savvy Fashion Promotion

Harris Tweed smartly jumped on the bandwagon.

A CIA agent’s bandwagon.

CIA Agent Tony Mendez


A classy-looking man, Tony Mendez is every bit the perfect brand ambassador for Harris Tweed. The American icon and main character in Argo has stated his love for the fabric, and without any prompt.

Talk about lucky: Harris Tweed has been working to reinvent its image in North America. It just needed to take Mendez’s love to the next level. It had to make a Need for Tweed.

And the textile company did just that. Celebrating Mendez and his love for tweed, Harris Tweed launched a tumblr site for tweed enthusiasts. “Everything looks better in tweed,” the site claims. With the support of Mendez, it’s hard to disagree.

Bravo, Leo Burnett. Give Harris Tweeds’ ad agency four broccoli sandwiches. With their quick thinking and simple design, the site does Harris Tweed justice.

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