When Old Ideas Are Better: JC Penney Apologizes

JC Penney is on a run for their money.

And they’re sorry.


That’s what the retailer says in their latest ad. JC Penney was trying to be like TJ Maxx; low prices for great fashion. The only problem? JC Penney is not TJ Maxx, and their customers are not Maxxinistas.

They’re coupon-clippers.

So asking your target market to change is not the best idea. Though it took a few CEOs to recognize this, the retailer has begun apologizing profusely. It’s a step in the right direction. But it will take more than a TV spot and a twitter hastag, #JCPlistens, to turn this thing around.

Three broccoli sandwiches go out to their new agency of record, Y&R. Way to push the retailer forward, (or backward), in the right direction.

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