Couture Dresses Made from Subway Napkins

Would you wear a couture dress made of napkins?

That’s what Subway asked several models to do Wednesday.

Models from Project Subway (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Subway Restaurants/AP Images)

To celebrate their monthly SUBtember $5 footlong promotion, Subway created it’s own fashion show during Nolcha Fashion Week. “Project Subway” then asked four fashion designers to create pieces only using inedible objects from Subway restaurants.

The restaurant made quite a splash. The dresses were impressive, the judges were all celebrities, and an up-and-coming designer, Danilo Gabrielli, won the honor of Subway fare for a year and a dress display in Subways’ Manhattan restaurant.

What a fun idea. Give four broccoli sandwiches to Subway for making a big effort. You may not remember that this was all for a monthly $5 footlong promotion, but this was a good way to start integrating it’s brand outside of sports promotions.

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