Kuck Fale: Fake Broccoli Campaign Shows How Advertising Is Done

“Kuck fale.”

That was one ad agency’s response to The New York Times.

What came first: kale or the bandwagon?

Famous for rebranding Coca-Cola and General Mills, ad agency Victors & Spoils was challenged by The New York Times to  rebrand broccoli. How could they give a forgotten vegetable some love?

By declaring war.

The ad agency called out kale, a super food, for being too “trendy.” They created a fictitious Broccoli Commission of America and claimed that unlike kale, broccoli was “fad-free.” And, they touted that broccoli was the new “alpha vegetable.”

Goes great with a side of steak. TheAlphaVegetable.com


Give Victors & Spoils five broccoli sandwiches for their big thinking. This is how a campaign should be done. Even if you don’t love broccoli, you can see the brilliance behind their pro-bono experiment. Bravo, Victors & Spoils.

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