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Couture Dresses Made from Subway Napkins

Would you wear a couture dress made of napkins?

That’s what Subway asked several models to do Wednesday.

Models from Project Subway (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Subway Restaurants/AP Images)

To celebrate their monthly SUBtember $5 footlong promotion, Subway created it’s own fashion show during Nolcha Fashion Week. “Project Subway” then asked four fashion designers to create pieces only using inedible objects from Subway restaurants.

The restaurant made quite a splash. The dresses were impressive, the judges were all celebrities, and an up-and-coming designer, Danilo Gabrielli, won the honor of Subway fare for a year and a dress display in Subways’ Manhattan restaurant.

What a fun idea. Give four broccoli sandwiches to Subway for making a big effort. You may not remember that this was all for a monthly $5 footlong promotion, but this was a good way to start integrating it’s brand outside of sports promotions.

Cool Idea for Charity: Chicago Blackhawks Sell Their Arena Ice

The Blackhawks magical season may be over, but you can keep the memory alive.

You can own the season’s ice.


That’s what the Chicago hockey team is touting. Buy a piece of their history. Take the glory of melted sweat, tears, and ice home as a souvenir. And, benefit charity at the same time.

Pretty cool, right?

The Blackhawks seem to think so. And knowing how hardcore their fans can be, they just might be right.

Give three broccoli sandwiches to the Blackhawks agency of record. Ogilvy & Mather Chicago has a neat, different idea. But will it sell? Follow the team’s twitter to found out.

When Old Ideas Are Better: JC Penney Apologizes

JC Penney is on a run for their money.

And they’re sorry.


That’s what the retailer says in their latest ad. JC Penney was trying to be like TJ Maxx; low prices for great fashion. The only problem? JC Penney is not TJ Maxx, and their customers are not Maxxinistas.

They’re coupon-clippers.

So asking your target market to change is not the best idea. Though it took a few CEOs to recognize this, the retailer has begun apologizing profusely. It’s a step in the right direction. But it will take more than a TV spot and a twitter hastag, #JCPlistens, to turn this thing around.

Three broccoli sandwiches go out to their new agency of record, Y&R. Way to push the retailer forward, (or backward), in the right direction.

“Like” this? New Ad for Facebook’s Mobile App Redefines Home

When the world can be accessed at your fingertips, why not call it Home?

That’s what Facebook is attempting to do.


Airing during the Final Four games this weekend, Facebook’s new spot promotes instant connection. Want to know how your nephew’s birthday party went? You’ll never miss a beat. How are your sister’s cats? Just go Home.

Though the app itself is questionable, the spot is not bad. Wieden + Kennedy showed how connecting on a new level could be the next big thing. Privacy issues aside, Facebook’s agency of record did a decent job displaying Home in all its glory.

Give ‘em three broccoli sandwiches for their efforts. Maybe another if they can convince enough Facebook users to try the app.

An Amusing Twist: Monsters’ University Parodies College Recruitment

Beautifully parodying a college recruitment video, the Monsters University’s teaser was well timed.


The Pixar spot was quite unexpected during the Rose Bowl telecast. An amusing twist to the upcoming movie, (while poking fun at college recruitment), the teaser intrigued and delighted audiences.

What made it even better?

The surprisingly elaborate, spoof website for Monsters University. A creative follow up to the movie, Pixar went all out to create buzz. The problem? It diverts attention away from the story of Sully & Mike.

Four broccoli sandwiches go to Pixar for the creative train of thought. We’ll see how the movie turns out before handing over a fifth.

The Policy Speaks: Progressive’s New Character is Comically Distracting

Sorry Progressive, but the Policy has nothing on Flo.


Though Progressive insurance speaks for itself, the new character has too much going on in one spot. The Policy delivers 9 messages between the comedies of a personal tailor to a personal masseuse. Amusing as it is, all you can remember after the spot was a talking, pampered box that seems to be taking Flo’s place.

Jeff Charney, the Progressive Chief Marketing Officer, swears that Flo is not getting a demotion. “She just wasn’t suited for this job, which is to make a hard sell in a direct-response ad” as AdAge reports. True as this maybe, Progressive’s agency-of-record, Arnold Worldwide, has some work to do.

What exactly is the insurance saying? Which message should we be hearing? The insurance actually speaks for itself, which is a nifty feat, but what about the insurance is being sold?

Keep working, Arnold Worldwide. Get rid of a few distractions and you’ve got a big idea waiting to bloom.

(Four broccoli sandwiches are yours while you think this through.)

Cool Song, OK Ad: Chromebook’s Commercial Is Half-baked

Chromebook’s idea is there, but the commercial execution? It could simply be better.


Google’s new commercial is light-hearted fun, but beyond the great song and cute kids, how does the Chromebook stand out from other PCs? Why should we believe the tagline, “For Everyone” without showing us examples of improvement?

Go munch on three broccoli sandwiches, Google. Your Chromebook’s commercial is headed in the right direction; your advertising just needs a little something-something.