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Less is More with Ink Cartridge Ads

At least that’s the case for Ecofill.

The Original Ink Cartridges’ brand knows how to show value—especially it’s own. Using less and less of a key printer color, Ecofill’s outdoor ads speak volumes.

Worth a thousand words, at least five broccoli sandwiches, and a Cannes 2015 Gold award, these images prove that simple ideas always win.

Bravo, Ogilvy & Mather, Bogotá. Your work continues to inspire.

The Great Coffee Connection: The Lovers, The Dreamers (And Maybe Tea)

Starbucks has done it again. The great coffee connection, (aka café where you usually meet up for a good chat), has created new spots capturing everyday intimate moments.

And it’s beautiful. The infamous coffee company puts conversations against text, eloquently showing how meeting in person makes a difference: “Sometimes the best way to connect is to get together.”

Cheers, Starbucks. Enjoy at least a round of broccoli sandwiches for such a simple idea. You and BBDO New York know how to tug on our heartstrings. Want to grab some coffee and chat?

Kia’s Hamsters “Totally Transform” for MTV VMA’s

Kia’s Hamsters are back and better than ever.


Debuting during the MTV VMA’s, the iconic animals have a whole new look. Kia has “totally transformed” the critters, creating a beautiful and sleek metaphor to their new 2014 Soul design.

And there will be “Applause.”

Not only does the spot use Lady Gaga’s newest single, the 60-second version will air right after Gaga’s first-ever live performance of it.

Impressive, right?

Give Kia’s ad agency a round of broccoli sandwiches. David & Goliath smoothly connects with Kia’s target audience by keeping their fingers on the pulse of culture.



It’s Not Complicated: AT&T’s New Ads for the Elite Eight

It’s not complicated. It’s simply well done.


AT&T’s popular campaign is a great example of a clear, well-executed idea. How do you explain that AT&T is better? Ask some kids. How do you incorporate your company in the excitement of March Madness? Ask Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell.

AT&T better be passing out broccoli sandwiches like candy to BBDO. Their agency of record rocked with a big, original idea, an iconic campaign, and now this campaign extension.


Best 2013 Super Bowl Ad: Budweiser’s Clydesdale in “Brotherhood”

Budweiser sure knows how to leave an impression.


With a simple story, the right song, and perfect symbolism, this Super Bowl spot hits the mark. You know the ad is for Budweiser, for beer, and yet, people of all ages can understand the relationship between a foal and its breeder.


This Clydesdale spot stands above the rest. Not only does it tug your heartstrings, but you also remember the spot and the brand later. Budweiser then tops it off with user engagement.

Want to name the adorable foal? Tweet @Budweiser with your #Clydesdales’ idea. Budweiser will officially name it this week.

Well done, Anomaly, New York. You took the cake, as well as five broccoli sandwiches, for your big, simple idea. Bravo.

Two-fold Brilliance: Campbell’s Special Edition Cans Advertise More than Soup

How cool are these: Campbell’s soup cans redesigned to look like Andy Warhol’s most popular piece, 32 canvases.


Campbell's Special Edition Cans


Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Warhol’s piece, Campbell’s Soup global design team worked with the Warhol Foundation to imitate the 1965 painting, only to sell the limited edition cans at Target.


The soup gets a fresh twist and Warhol gets recognition all over again. Five broccoli sandwiches to whomever at Campbell’s came up with that advertising idea.

Oreo’s Advertising Art Is Cleverly Simple

Oreo’s advertising has outdone itself: the cookie’s simple imagery has been cleverly integrated into pop culture.

Drawing on the speed of which Twitter topics change, the Nabisco cookie’s ad agency, Draft FCB, has ingeniously created an Oreo a day that symbolizes what’s current in pop culture.

Brilliantly drool-worthy.

Makes you hungry for an Oreo right now, doesn’t it?

Five broccoli sandwiches for this advertising’s double whammy, (though a broccoli sandwich may be the last thing they want to eat when looking at this art.)