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Apples Latest Spot Practices What It Preaches

Easy-to-use for everyone — everyone. That’s what Apple’s newest ad emphasizes.

And Apple practices what it preaches. Made by a woman with cerebral palsy, the ad shows how the technology is exactly what Apple says it is.

Give the brains behind this spot five broccoli sandwiches. This is classy, relatable and displays the newest Apple products in a very human way. Bravo.

Beyoncé Slayed the Super Bowl

When she dropped her music video for “Formation” Saturday morning via Instagram, you knew that Queen Bey had bigger plans. Only time would tell what – or how—she would reveal next.

Beyoncé is no stranger to real-time marketing. On December 13, 2014, she dropped an entire visual album without a single teaser, and the world took notice. So her decision to drop a music video during Black History month, two days before the Super Bowl, was no mistake. It was well planned, well played.

She built anticipation for a show in which she wasn’t the headliner, was able to make the connection to the Black Lives Matter movement and like a true Queen, pointed toward her upcoming tour—which part of the proceeds go toward helping fix the Flint water crisis. How can you not love Beyoncé?

Give the woman several rounds of broccoli sandwiches. There’s no marketing blitz quite like the Queen’s.

Sex, Guns and a PSA

Watch out Mom & Dad. Evolve is not messing around. But your kids are.

If They Find It, They'll Play With It. Evolve Ad

Whether you’re pro or anti gun control, kids’ safety matters. And what better way to show that than with these ads?

If They Find It, They'll Play With It. Evolve Ad

Give McCann New York five out of five broccoli sandwiches. Evolve’s PSAs used just the right amount of humor, building off of last year’s spot.

When the Year in Review Is Hazy, Share and Donate

What if you couldn’t recall the last year—and Google’s and Yahoo’s accounts don’t help?

That’s what it’s like to have Alzheimer’s. Spoofing the 2014’s year in review videos, the spot for Alzheimer Nederland hits home. How could you remember the last year if you struggle with recalling the last 10 or 15?


Bravo, N=5 Amsterdam. The ad agency deserves a full round of broccoli sandwiches for their simple idea helping a good cause.

JetBlue Flies It Forward to Infinity and Beyond

Please, please, PLEASE give JetBlue and their ad agency five out of five broccoli sandwiches.

The airline has decided to give people the chance to take one flight, anywhere they want, to help make people’s lives better in another city. Want to inspire people with art? JetBlue can help you with that. Want to donate books to your hometown? Just “Fly It Forward.”

What’s the catch? You pick the next person deserving to fly from wherever you land. So if you’re in NYC, you better consider submitting your story now. Someone may choose you and your humanitarian efforts to catch the next flight.

Mullen and JetBlue owned this idea–and their campaign just launched.


Eye-Opening Idea: Mattress Radio Spot Keeps Drivers Awake

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Like the snooze button on your alarm, one mattress company intends to keep drivers awake.


The Argentinian brand Piero reached out to bus, truck and taxi drivers during their most vulnerable hours of work. The mattress brand created Snooze Radio, an in-car alarm system that goes off every 9 minutes between 4 and 5 AM. A Piero commercial then reminds listeners of the dangers of driving drowsy. “Sleep safely. Sleep at home,” the spots direct.

Then, Piero took the Snooze Radio a step further. Partnering with the country’s most popular radio stations, the spots also reached over 480,000 drivers per night. Talk about an eye-opening idea.

Give five broccoli sandwiches for the agency of record behind this thinking. FCB Buenos Aires solved a real problem while integrating their client’s brand. Well done.

Ideas That Matter: 4 Brands Join Together for Autism Awareness

Four commercials. Three brands. One big idea.


In support of Autism Awareness Month, AT&T, Campbell’s Soup and Band-Aid joined together to make an impact. Airing their :15 commercials in a :60 block, their spots weaved together one family’s story.  You’re able to watch a family evolve from an early diagnosis of Autism all the way to high school graduation.

“You just saw how early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference,” the spot reaffirms.

Brilliant, BBDO New York. The agency supported a good cause and made their clients’ look good. Give them a full round of broccoli sandwiches for literally looking at the bigger picture.