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You Don’t Want to Fast Forward through Geico’s New Ads

Geico will now skip half of their ads for you. What’s the catch?

The insurance company is on the joke. And has been. Following up their award-winning, unskippable preroll ads, Geico’s newest campaign leaves you wondering, “What did I miss?”

And that’s the catch. You want to watch the extended versions. (And they’re pretty bizarre.) So you’ll spend two minutes longer with an ad you didn’t want watch in the first place.

Well played, The Martin Agency. Give the AOR a full round of broccoli sandwiches. They’ve done it again.

See the rest of the spots:

Coffee and Cannabis: a Taste Test with a Twist

How do you get the word out that you’re a “proper coffee shop” in Amsterdam—serving actual coffee? Let stoners do the talking.

That’s what Moyee Coffee did. The shop asked those under the influence to taste test their coffee, believing that pot heightens the senses. And while the results are amusing— it tastes “like a forest… with chimpanzees”—they show off the robust, complex flavors that you can find at the shop.

Give 180Amsterdam four broccoli sandwiches. The agency’s concept is clever, making Moyee Coffee’s location a strength rather than a problem. Let’s see if they can take this idea further.

Bizarre, Risky and One of the Best Super Bowl Ads

Loctite’s Super Bowl ad was anything but expected. It was bizarre, risky— and hard to look away from.


Who could forget a group of eccentrics dancing and singing about glue? It was funny, surprising and memorable— exactly what you want to see during the Super Bowl.

And the campaign to go along with this spot is just as good. On Loctite’s WIN AT GLUE tumblr, you can download the brand’s “album full of bangers,” purchase t-shirts that say, “Loctite glue saved my marriage,” or watch “how-do’s,” tutorials using Loctite with unique projects.

Give Fallon a whole feast of broccoli sandwiches. The ad agency made the (estimated) $4.5 million gamble worthwhile.

The French, a Flamingo and a Liqueur: An Ad “Because No Reason”

The French liqueur may be on to something.


Combining a flamingo and a question, Chambord’s ads entice you to see what’s next. The liqueur spot reels you in, then responds with it’s own laissez-faire tagline, “Because No Reason.”

And that’s the point. The drink is for any occasion—you need not a reason to enjoy life and do what you want.

Bravo to Wieden + Kennedy London. The agency recently won the global account, and it seems this spot for Chambord is just the beginning. W+K deserve four broccoli sandwiches because they’ve whet the appetite—let’s see where they take this.

The Framily Plan: Sprint’s New Campaign Is Unexpected

Meet the Frobinsons.

They’re a new kind of Framily.


If you combined a Wes Anderson film with Full House, this is what you’d get. Sprint’s latest spots introduce an intriguing mix of characters, the Frobinsons, who promote the Framily Plan.

It’s not a bad start. Though a bit cheesy at first, the commercials make you want to know more about the Framily. And if the original Japanese campaign is any indication of where this is going, the phone carrier is on the right track.

Give Sprint’s agency of record three broccoli sandwiches to munch on. Let’s see where Figliulo&Partners take things next.