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Less is More with Ink Cartridge Ads

At least that’s the case for Ecofill.

The Original Ink Cartridges’ brand knows how to show value—especially it’s own. Using less and less of a key printer color, Ecofill’s outdoor ads speak volumes.

Worth a thousand words, at least five broccoli sandwiches, and a Cannes 2015 Gold award, these images prove that simple ideas always win.

Bravo, Ogilvy & Mather, Bogotá. Your work continues to inspire.

And the sandwich goes to The LEGO Movie.

Give it up to The LEGO Movie for their awesome performance during last night’s 87th Academy Awards.

 Brow Beat Slate's Culture Blog Feb. 22 2015 10:18 PM Everything Was Awesome About the Oscars’ “Everything Is Awesome” Performance

If you hadn’t seen the blockbuster before, you’ll want to now. The LEGO Movie’s star-studded performance of “Everything Is Awesome,” rocked with Oscars made out of Legos, costumed dancers that mirrored the movie, and a vibe so upbeat, you (almost) forgot that the film hadn’t won any awards. It was positive, interactive, and left you wanting more. Even Oprah was excited.

Give Michael McNally (Lego Systems’ senior director, brand relations) and team a whole round of broccoli sandwiches. The LEGO Movie created a show-stopper that made you want to watch the movie all over again. And that’s how advertising is done.

Race the Tour de France with Your Thumbs

Get your hands— or thumbs— in on the Tour de France action.


Starting today, your thumbs can race the same 3,664 km course as real-life cyclists. “Your thumbs are your thighs” in the interactive app Thumbs of Glory. Players compete the real-life course during the same 21-day period to win a Specialized S-Works Tarmac, (a bike), or to win individual stages for other, smaller prizes.

It’s a fun way to get people excited, and inspired about the actual race. Though the app inventors aren’t sure anyone will actually finish the race, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners San Francisco have a cute idea to get people talking.

Give the agency of record four broccoli sandwiches. It’s a big idea and may get Specialized the spotlight it needs.


Budweiser Kicks Off Campaign for FIFA World Cup

Get ready.

Come March 5th, Budweiser is kicking off its global football campaign. And it’s going to be huge.

An official sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the beer company has already poured a lot of creative online—from posts of fans screaming “GOAL!” to imagery of their new, limited-edition gold aluminum bottles.

And that’s just the beginning. On Tuesday, Budweiser posted this teaser video of the larger campaign to come, pointing to the global excitement that comes with football: #RiseAsOne.


Wow. Give their agency of record at least five broccoli sandwiches. The 2014 FIFA World Cup doesn’t actually kick off ‘til June 12, and Anomaly is already building excitement. Can’t wait to see what this ad agency does next.

“The Year of the You”: Clever Idea Makes Taxes Look Good

“It was the year of the You.”


And just like that, TurboTax pulls you in.

With a voice-over by John C. Reilly, the spot for Intuit makes you feel like they get you. They get that the last year of your life was busy, exciting, full of big moments. And they get that with a new year, there’s a lot to reflect on.

“That’s what taxes are— a recap. The story of your year.”

What a great pep talk. And it could not have been timed more perfectly. By airing during the BCS Rose Bowl January 1st, the spot hit a huge audience at a pivotal moment: “go time.”

Give their agency of record a round of broccoli sandwiches. Wieden + Kennedy Portland and director Lance Acord  made taxes look good. And with the rest of the campaign to follow, you can only imagine how exciting taxes could be.

Clever Idea: Marble Statues Model Vintage Clothing for Charity

How do you inspire people to buy used clothes?

Call them “Classic Vintage” and use marble statues for your models.

Traid Classic Vintage Clothing Print AdsTraid Classic Vintage Clothing Print Ads2Traid Classic Vintage Clothing Print Ads3Traid Classic Vintage Clothing Print Ads4









That’s what this UK charity did. Traid works to wear out poverty by selling used clothes, and the vintage clothing shop needed a boost. So how do you encourage people to reduce their environmental impact? Create model hipsters.

Props to RKCR/Y&R for this big idea. The ad agency cleverly showed how something old can look fresh. Or vintage, rather.

Give them four broccoli sandwiches for their idea. The fifth will be held ‘til the rest of the campaign breaks.

Kia’s Hamsters “Totally Transform” for MTV VMA’s

Kia’s Hamsters are back and better than ever.


Debuting during the MTV VMA’s, the iconic animals have a whole new look. Kia has “totally transformed” the critters, creating a beautiful and sleek metaphor to their new 2014 Soul design.

And there will be “Applause.”

Not only does the spot use Lady Gaga’s newest single, the 60-second version will air right after Gaga’s first-ever live performance of it.

Impressive, right?

Give Kia’s ad agency a round of broccoli sandwiches. David & Goliath smoothly connects with Kia’s target audience by keeping their fingers on the pulse of culture.