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You Don’t Want to Fast Forward through Geico’s New Ads

Geico will now skip half of their ads for you. What’s the catch?

The insurance company is on the joke. And has been. Following up their award-winning, unskippable preroll ads, Geico’s newest campaign leaves you wondering, “What did I miss?”

And that’s the catch. You want to watch the extended versions. (And they’re pretty bizarre.) So you’ll spend two minutes longer with an ad you didn’t want watch in the first place.

Well played, The Martin Agency. Give the AOR a full round of broccoli sandwiches. They’ve done it again.

See the rest of the spots: https://youtu.be/XSV8AjIEUhE?list=PLwTsyIROsacim24vPVm-6Vf_P5AtfvMk9

When the Year in Review Is Hazy, Share and Donate

What if you couldn’t recall the last year—and Google’s and Yahoo’s accounts don’t help?

That’s what it’s like to have Alzheimer’s. Spoofing the 2014’s year in review videos, the spot for Alzheimer Nederland hits home. How could you remember the last year if you struggle with recalling the last 10 or 15?


Bravo, N=5 Amsterdam. The ad agency deserves a full round of broccoli sandwiches for their simple idea helping a good cause.

Budweiser Kicks Off Campaign for FIFA World Cup

Get ready.

Come March 5th, Budweiser is kicking off its global football campaign. And it’s going to be huge.

An official sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the beer company has already poured a lot of creative online—from posts of fans screaming “GOAL!” to imagery of their new, limited-edition gold aluminum bottles.

And that’s just the beginning. On Tuesday, Budweiser posted this teaser video of the larger campaign to come, pointing to the global excitement that comes with football: #RiseAsOne.


Wow. Give their agency of record at least five broccoli sandwiches. The 2014 FIFA World Cup doesn’t actually kick off ‘til June 12, and Anomaly is already building excitement. Can’t wait to see what this ad agency does next.

Clever Idea: Marble Statues Model Vintage Clothing for Charity

How do you inspire people to buy used clothes?

Call them “Classic Vintage” and use marble statues for your models.

Traid Classic Vintage Clothing Print AdsTraid Classic Vintage Clothing Print Ads2Traid Classic Vintage Clothing Print Ads3Traid Classic Vintage Clothing Print Ads4









That’s what this UK charity did. Traid works to wear out poverty by selling used clothes, and the vintage clothing shop needed a boost. So how do you encourage people to reduce their environmental impact? Create model hipsters.

Props to RKCR/Y&R for this big idea. The ad agency cleverly showed how something old can look fresh. Or vintage, rather.

Give them four broccoli sandwiches for their idea. The fifth will be held ‘til the rest of the campaign breaks.

One Big Idea: Target’s Life-Size Dollhouse in Grand Central

“Go big or go home,” they say.

Target did both.

Target's Life-Size Dollhouse in Grand Central


The retailer built a life-sized home in Grand Central this week to display their Threshold collection. People passing by can interact with the home on every level; be it home décor, makeovers in the bathrooms or testing kitchen appliances, Target is ready to show it all.

Talk about brilliant.

Their agency of record had the entire house put together from the collection, creating “a pop-up that would meld fantasy and reality together.Daniel Chu, (executive VP-experiential creative director at Deutsch), explains, “Target is about the balance of the thrill of expecting more, and the reality of paying less.”

Deutsch L.A. nailed just that. Shower them with broccoli sandwiches for their big idea.

The Power of Love: Two Snowmen Make a Merry Ad

John Lewis starts the holiday season off with a bang. In 90 seconds, the retailer pulls your heartstrings and rocks their brand.


Ready to shop? Then John Lewis’s agency tugged on your emotions just right. The London-based agency, Adam & Eve, deserves a broccoli sandwich feast for their simple and beautiful concept. Though a bit long, they carry your interest the whole way through, leaving you smiling in the end. Talk about a big idea.

I’ll shop to that.

The Horseless Headsman: Snickers’ Hilarious Campaign Extension

A clever twist to Snickers’s original campaign, the “Horseless Headsman” advertises the candy bar beautifully for Halloween.


Snickers’ ad agency, BBDO New York, knew what they were doing. The original campaign, “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” is simply hilarious. Then, take a Halloween horror story, mix it in with the campaign’s big idea, and you get pure brilliance.

Dang. Wish I had thought of that.

BBDO deserves five broccoli sandwiches for their Halloween comedy.

And some Snickers too.