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You Don’t Want to Fast Forward through Geico’s New Ads

Geico will now skip half of their ads for you. What’s the catch?

The insurance company is on the joke. And has been. Following up their award-winning, unskippable preroll ads, Geico’s newest campaign leaves you wondering, “What did I miss?”

And that’s the catch. You want to watch the extended versions. (And they’re pretty bizarre.) So you’ll spend two minutes longer with an ad you didn’t want watch in the first place.

Well played, The Martin Agency. Give the AOR a full round of broccoli sandwiches. They’ve done it again.

See the rest of the spots: https://youtu.be/XSV8AjIEUhE?list=PLwTsyIROsacim24vPVm-6Vf_P5AtfvMk9

“Every Baby” Receives a Royal Welcome in Pampers Ad

On May 2, 2015, thousands of Brits welcomed the arrival of one baby. Pampers welcomed “every baby.”

The diaper company filmed and created a spot within the same 24 hours that Princess Charlotte was born. Featuring numerous families and their newborns on their special day, Pampers was able to capitalize on the significance of the royal arrival— as well as the importance of every child’s. “Because to us, every baby is a prince or princess and we wish them all love, sleep and play.”

Simple and well timed. Bravo, Saatchi & Saatchi. Give the agency behind this ad and ensuing campaign a full five broccoli sandwiches.

Cell Phone Company Has Your Back—in a “Non-Creepy Way”

Koodo Mobile wanted to remind customers that they always have your back. So they sent a guy named “Greg” to follow people around— in a “totally non-creepy way.”

And the Canadian phone company was onto something. Their Mobile Mobile Charging Station will charge your phone, wherever and whenever you need it; Koodo literally has your back.

See for yourself. The Mobile Mobile Charging Station is visiting different places in Canada, putting #KoodoHasMyBack truly to the test.

Give Koodo’s ad agency four broccoli sandwiches. Taxi had a simple, fun idea. Their fifth broccoli sandwich will be reserved to see if they can push the Mobile Mobile Charging Station further. He has legs, after all.

How Big Ideas Transcend and Grow: The “Thrive With Less” Documentary

Thrive With Less Logo

The idea was to “thrive with less.” The execution was the journey. The end result? A paradigm shift and a small cultural revolution. Someone please pass these people five broccoli sandwiches; six ordinary college students came up with an idea that transformed into something more.

How does such an idea come about? They took passion, skill, and flat out honesty to create their goals for this film. Then, they blogged, shot, vlogged, and spread the word to start a conversation. And people talked. People even tried to change. Take a look at these Michigan State students’ film, “Thrive With Less,” and see what they achieved.

This is only their beginning too.

An idea that transcends its original intent will go far. And these students, they’re in it for the long shot.