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Apples Latest Spot Practices What It Preaches

Easy-to-use for everyone — everyone. That’s what Apple’s newest ad emphasizes.

And Apple practices what it preaches. Made by a woman with cerebral palsy, the ad shows how the technology is exactly what Apple says it is.

Give the brains behind this spot five broccoli sandwiches. This is classy, relatable and displays the newest Apple products in a very human way. Bravo.

Less is More with Ink Cartridge Ads

At least that’s the case for Ecofill.

The Original Ink Cartridges’ brand knows how to show value—especially it’s own. Using less and less of a key printer color, Ecofill’s outdoor ads speak volumes.

Worth a thousand words, at least five broccoli sandwiches, and a Cannes 2015 Gold award, these images prove that simple ideas always win.

Bravo, Ogilvy & Mather, Bogotá. Your work continues to inspire.

Exclusive Jeans Literally Carry Stories with You

Pants. That’s what L&PM used to demonstrate the convenience of a pocket book.


The largest Brazilian publisher partnered with Brazilian fashion label FreeSurf to create an exclusive collection of jeans. Printing stories, poems and tales on the inside of pants’ pockets, FreeSurf jeans literally encouraged shoppers to “Carry your stories with you.”

And it was a success. L&PM not only showed that a story could fit in your pocket, but was also able to increase site visits by 24% and sales by 13%.

What a way to stand out in the age of e-readers. Give the agency behind this five broccoli sandwiches for their clever and simple idea. DM9Rio nailed it.

Beats Electronics Drops into the World Cup Media Jungle

Beats Electronics literally and figuratively drops into “the heart of the jungle.”


The audio device company dropped a viral video the week before the 2014 World Cup began. Though not an actual sponsor, Beats descended into the media frenzy, feeding the excitement without actually mentioning the event.

And “The Game Before the Game” is beautiful. Beats painted a true 2014 World Cup image. There’s a a sincere pep talk from Neymar Jr‘s father,  a star-studded cast of footballers, fans in all their glory and music to get you psyched.

But the best part of the ad? “Each pregame ritual captured in the ad is authentic… [Omar Johnson, Beats chief marketing officer] noted. ‘It’s all real. Nothing is make-believe.’

Give Beats’ agency of record five broccoli sandwiches. R/GA owned the World Cup buzz with a well-timed, well done video. And the cherry on top? The agency is rolling out remixed spot with a rap from Jay Z’s for the NBA finals.

Kuck Fale: Fake Broccoli Campaign Shows How Advertising Is Done

“Kuck fale.”

That was one ad agency’s response to The New York Times.

What came first: kale or the bandwagon?

Famous for rebranding Coca-Cola and General Mills, ad agency Victors & Spoils was challenged by The New York Times to  rebrand broccoli. How could they give a forgotten vegetable some love?

By declaring war.

The ad agency called out kale, a super food, for being too “trendy.” They created a fictitious Broccoli Commission of America and claimed that unlike kale, broccoli was “fad-free.” And, they touted that broccoli was the new “alpha vegetable.”

Goes great with a side of steak. TheAlphaVegetable.com


Give Victors & Spoils five broccoli sandwiches for their big thinking. This is how a campaign should be done. Even if you don’t love broccoli, you can see the brilliance behind their pro-bono experiment. Bravo, Victors & Spoils.